Boutique Bella Scuba Fabric Ruffled Midi Length Evening Dress Graduation Dress

Boutique Bella Scuba Fabric Ruffled Midi Length Evening Dress Graduation Dress


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This product will be shipped by \xa0 MODAYAKAMOZ\xa0. More than 100 stocks were offered to be sold at the campaign price. The seller determines the sales price of the product you have examined. A product can be sold by more than one seller. The sellers of the products offered for sale by more than one seller are ranked according to the price they set for the product, the seller ratings, the delivery status, the promotions in the products, whether the shipping is free or not, and whether the products can be delivered with fast delivery, the stock and categories of the products. A maximum of \xa05 pieces of this product can be ordered.\Quenmadam reserves the right to cancel orders over xa05.\xa0This limit is not valid for corporate orders, and different limits can be set for corporate orders. Free returns within 15 days. Click \xa0 for more information. What is Submersible (Scuba) Fabric? Diver fabrics, which are one of the favorite fabrics of women, are known for their ability to make a body look slim. Diver fabrics, which are generally preferred for evening dresses and sportswear, are used in all seasons. It is a type of synthetic fabric with nano technology produced from first quality fabrics. They provide a stylish look with their durable and body-hugging feature. In general, the features of scuba fabrics are as follows: They have the ability to gather the body, They take shape easily and do not stick to the body, They do not need to be ironed, It is a completely synthetic fabric, It does not have sweat absorption properties, It has different thicknesses, There are different types as puff diver and sponge diver, Medium thickness ones are preferred for tights and jackets, It is also used very often in Spanish leg trousers, In swimsuits, thin diver fabrics are preferred.

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Mold:Slim Fit Collar Type:Asymmetrical Collar Length / Size:Midi Material:Lycra Sleeve Type:Sleeveless Liner Condition:Unlined Color:Red Pattern:Plain Fabric Type:Woven Product Details:Ruffle Sleeve Length:Sleeveless Collection:Prom/Bridesmaid Size:Midi Setting:Wedding/Wedding Silhouette:Fish Weaving Type:Submersible/Scuba Pocket:Pocketless Additional Feature:Non-Showing Inside Belt/Girdle Condition:Without Belt Closure Type:Non-Closure Sustainability Detail:Yes Persona:Young Age:All Age Groups Season:NOS