Women's Black Suede Spiral Heels

Women's Black Suede Spiral Heels


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This product will be shipped by \xa0 Quenmadam\xa0. More than 5 stocks are offered to be sold at the campaign price. The seller determines the sales price of the product you have examined. A product can be sold by more than one seller. The sellers of the products offered for sale by more than one seller are ranked according to the price they set for the product, the seller ratings, the delivery status, the promotions in the products, whether the shipping is free or not, and whether the products can be delivered with fast delivery, the stock and categories of the products. A maximum of \xa010 pieces of this product can be ordered.\xa010 units can be ordered by Quenmadam.\xa0This limit is not valid for corporate orders, and different limits can be set for corporate orders. Free returns within 15 days. Click \xa0 for more information. NEW MODEL HEEL LENGTH: 9CM 100% DOMESTIC WORKMANSHIP 100% HANDCRAFTED SINCE OUR SALES ARE ONLY ONLINE, THE PRODUCTS ARE SENT IN A 100% HYGIENIC WAY WITHOUT BEING TRIED BY OTHERS IT IS A FULL PATTERN, YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR OWN NUMBER HEEL LENGTH: 9CM COMFORTABLE FIT SUITABLE FOR ALL FEET BASE NEOLITE IT IS A PRODUCT WITH PADS EASY TO CLEAN THE BASE IS SOFT imported leather IMPORTED MATERIAL IMPORTED LEATHER 100% LOCAL WORKMANSHIP 100% HANDWORK PAINTED HEEL COLOR

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Delivery Date: 29 June

Material:Faux Leather Heel Length: Mid-Heel (5-9 cm) Heel Type:Flat Heels Color:Black Sole Material:Neolite Upper Material:Faux Leather Insole Material:Faux Leather Material Component:100% hand Pattern:Plain Leather Quality:Imitation Leather